Podcast Interview With Host John Di Lemme of the Conservative Business Journal on The New Dangerous Immigration Policies

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Last week I visited with the Conservative Business Journal host John Di Lemme and my friend and fellow Angel Father Jim Walden.

We discussed the loss of our children and touched on the horrendous borderless policies being set by this Fraudulent Administration and the dangerous impact it will have on America.

To see the podcast please click on the link below.

Conservative Business Journal interview with Host John Di Lemme and fellow Angel Father Jim Walden

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Badges and Angels

Next week, I will be joining others like myself who have lost loved ones to Illegal Alien Crime. United with Law Enforcement Officials from around the Nation we will all be fighting for the justice that is absent for many of us.

If you can, please join us in Washington DC and help us send our message to Congress.

This fight is not just for my Chrishia, or the other Angel Advocates who will be there, but for everyone else who believes in the rule of law and enforcement of our Immigration Laws, and to prevent more families from loosing loved ones to this 100% preventable crime. Read More...

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April 2019 CPB Stats on Illegal Aliens apprehended at the Souther Border

CPB Border Statistics for April 2019
Based on this graph that’s roughly 531,721 KNOWN illegal crossings into the US for FY2019. Key words “known!” Look at how many are coming though Texas? Specifically El Paso Sector Laredo Sector and Rio Grand Sector! The part of the graph that is cut off shows FY2018 total 521,090 illegals crossed and were apprehended.

THIS is why last month CPB said, FY2019 was on track to have over 1 million illegals enter into the US.
I’ll say it again…

  • First 6 months of FY2019 531,721 Illegals crossed into the us and apprehended
  • All 12 months FY2018 521,090 Illegals crossed into the us and were apprehended.

Just how many crossed and evaded CPB and didn’t claim asylum? Read More...

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Rally in Austin TX!!!

Please come join us in Austin Texas on May 4th at 10AM, to help us rally and Demand Texas Governor Abbott Take up legislation to help secure the Texas Boarder and Fight the severe crisis in Texas by pushing common sense Legislation like E-Verify state wide, and making hiring, housing, and supporting illegal aliens in Texas a crime!

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Breakfast with House Rep. Dr. Michael Burgess

Just before Breakfast at Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess’ office

Tuesday Jan 29th I went to Washington DC at the invitation of my District Rep for the House of Rep. Washington DC. I was invited to attend the State Of The Union Address. After I had already made travel arrangements and time off from work to attend the Speaker as everyone knows, made history by postponig as a crude political stunt.

Dr. Burgess was graciosos enough to still have receive me at his office and was able to secure a visit to the White House.  The day started out with Breakfast with Dr. Burgess and his Chief of Staff, followed by a behind the scenes tour of the Capital building. Read More...

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