The Illegal Immigration Problem In America Today

Many people, and organizations such as the mainstream media today would have one believe people coming from around the world and entering the United States without following the lawful process is an innocent victimless crime. It is; however, not as simple as bypassing national laws seeking a better life in another country. As written, “Federal law 8 U.S.C. § 1324 Bringing in and harboring certain aliens,” states, “it’s a federal crime to enter into the US without permission,” and working, driving, are all included in this statute.  Illegal immigration can track its roots all the way back to World War II and has progressively become worse. Such as human trafficking, and women raped as forced payment by cartels sneaking them into the US. Drug smuggling and illegal immigrants being used as mules to pay their way into the US illegally. Crime and Social Services are overburdened by those who continue to come to US illegally. I have personally been impacted by the underreporting of crime resulting from illegal immigration, having my 13-year-old daughter killed by a man 3 times deported. The Federal Government and State Governments should work together to enforce Federal Immigration laws, require illegal immigrant’s nation of origin to pay for the financial burden caused by illegal immigration, and remove all current incentives continuing to reward illegal immigration to the US. Read More...

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Five Years Today

Yesterday we as a Nation remembered and honored the memory of all who lost their lives in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC 18 years ago. An attack that changed our way of life in many ways forever.

18 years ago, this last February I was also blessed with the most precious gift I believe God can give us. A special life to hold and care for and raise to be a better version of who we are. My beautiful daughter Chrishia was that gift for me.

She forever changed my life when she was born and my heart the moment, she opened her eyes for the first time. She gave me the special honor of being the first thing she saw in this world. It made me experience a feeling of love and joy I had never known, and it brought tears to my eyes. Read More...

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Father’s Day 5 Years after Chrishia’s Death

Every year that has passed after Chrishia’s death Father’s Day has been difficult. I have found myself on a loosing end of an emotional battle to hold back tears and yearning for something I had been used to and very proud of. The feeling of waking up to plans of spending time doing things with Chrishia, going places, laughing, eating and the excitement on her face with the anticipation of me reading a card she hand made or a gift she put time and effort into finding or making. Just so she could show me how much she loved her dad. Read More...

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A bitter painful truth!

This week I attempted to have Chrishia’s Killer added to a 10 most wanted list for ICE. In doing so I learned a bitter and painful new truth.

The agent at VOICE I was speaking to was listing information she was aware of, and in the process she mentioned something I feel should have been given to me by ICE when I was first contacted by them to be told of the killer’s arrest for his immigration status.

Most often when you hear in the news of an Illegal that had killed someone, they have been deported more than once prior to the incident leading to the death of the person they kill. Read More...

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Breakfast with House Rep. Dr. Michael Burgess

Just before Breakfast at Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess’ office

Tuesday Jan 29th I went to Washington DC at the invitation of my District Rep for the House of Rep. Washington DC. I was invited to attend the State Of The Union Address. After I had already made travel arrangements and time off from work to attend the Speaker as everyone knows, made history by postponig as a crude political stunt.

Dr. Burgess was graciosos enough to still have receive me at his office and was able to secure a visit to the White House.  The day started out with Breakfast with Dr. Burgess and his Chief of Staff, followed by a behind the scenes tour of the Capital building. Read More...

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ICE Fugitive Ramiro Tolentino Guevara

Ramiro Tolentino Guevara in the US illegally, and killed my daughter Chrishia Odette when she was 13 years old.

He is a fugitive and running from ICE.

He stands 5’4″ tall
Weighs about 160Lbs
Age 37

Last known to be living in Rockwall or Navada Texas.
He is potentially using the alias Ramiro Novoa

His Wife Patricia Guevara is currently using the alias Paty Novoa
She was last known to be living in Rockwall or Navada Texas with Ramiro Tolentino Guevara

Please contact local Law Enforcement with any information if they are sighted. Read More...

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Chrishia’s Story by Chris Odette

My beautiful daughter Chrishia was killed the night of Sept 12th; she was only 13 the night of her death.

She was killed by an Illegal Alien driving a truck without a license that was never charged with her death and was only given a ticket for driving without a license. I have written to the best of my memory everything that has taken place with the accident investigation and after.  I believe what happened is something Texas and the American public should know.  It is my hope you will take interest in what I have to say and help me share her life and death. Read More...

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