1 thought on “OAN Talks about Chrishia Today

  1. Thank You OAN…The journey of Chris Odette as an Angel Dad has not been one of ease and joy…He is joined by other parents who have the same gravity of pain and no justice….The parents who have been brought together thru the lose of a loved one because of an illegal immigrant is beyond sad, and yet they do find hope in their united efforts to keep the awareness moving forward for justice for their love ones….It has been made clear too many times, the illegal has more protection and righs than law abiding citizens or family membes of the family left behind –once the shocking-gut wrenching life altering event happens to their loved ones…..SO THANK YOU OAN FOR GIVING CHRIS ODETTE A VOICE ON FATHER’S DAY 2019…IT GIVES HOPE TO OTHER ANGEL PARENTS, AND A SINCE OF JUSTICE FOR ALL WHO ARE CLOSE TO THESE ANGEL FAMILIES…….

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