April 2019 CPB Stats on Illegal Aliens apprehended at the Souther Border

CPB Border Statistics for April 2019
Based on this graph that’s roughly 531,721 KNOWN illegal crossings into the US for FY2019. Key words “known!” Look at how many are coming though Texas? Specifically El Paso Sector Laredo Sector and Rio Grand Sector! The part of the graph that is cut off shows FY2018 total 521,090 illegals crossed and were apprehended.

THIS is why last month CPB said, FY2019 was on track to have over 1 million illegals enter into the US.
I’ll say it again…

  • First 6 months of FY2019 531,721 Illegals crossed into the us and apprehended
  • All 12 months FY2018 521,090 Illegals crossed into the us and were apprehended.

Just how many crossed and evaded CPB and didn’t claim asylum?

First half of FY2019 Border Migration Statistics
Unaccompanied Alien Children April FY18 , AprilFY2019 by Region
“Family Unit” Illegal Aliens AprilFY18 and AprilFY19 by Region
Single Adult Illegal Aliens AprilFY18, AprilFY19 by Region


During my trip to Laredo and McAllen TX this last April, I took these pictures of the Border areas along the Rio Grand and when leaving at the McAllen TX Airport.

Shocking to see Illegals with what looked like new passports! The ones in the picture are for Colombia. The Illegals also had American money, and Manila envelopes with Priority Boarding written on the top and asking for help finding flights and busses because the don’t speak english. If you click on my facebook link you will find in my feed a live video I posted watching some of them sitting looking like they were on vacation. Counting money eating sandwiches and smiling having fun. They knew they had gotten away with saying they were seeing asylum! Released to wait for a hearing they will most likely never return for.

New Passports for these Illegals in McAllen International Airport McAllen TX April 27Th 2019
Fresh American money these Illegal Aliens are counting while waiting for their flights McAllen International Airport McAllen TX April 27Th 2019
Free Flights with Priority Boarding to anywhere in the US. McAllen International Airport McAllen TX April 27Th 2019
Note the female top by this trash right on the bank of the Rio Grand in Laredo TX.
Trash on the bank of the Rio Grand in Laredo TX from illegal crossing activity
BOLO list of Illegal Alien Criminals wanted in the McAllen Texas Area

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