A bitter painful truth!

This week I attempted to have Chrishia’s Killer added to a 10 most wanted list for ICE. In doing so I learned a bitter and painful new truth.

The agent at VOICE I was speaking to was listing information she was aware of, and in the process she mentioned something I feel should have been given to me by ICE when I was first contacted by them to be told of the killer’s arrest for his immigration status.

Most often when you hear in the news of an Illegal that had killed someone, they have been deported more than once prior to the incident leading to the death of the person they kill.

What she told me was in his history with DHS, he had been “Voluntarily Released” three times prior to killing my Chrishia by CBP. At that moment my head began to spin and honestly tears began to swell up in my eyes. I asked her to repeat what she had just said and what I heard was correct.

I asked her what exactly that term meant and she said he was stopped at the border by CBP but was Voluntarily Released. After looking it up I discovered that means… He was caught entering into the US illegally at the border not once, not twice, but three times. Every time he was permitted to leave and return to Mexico on his own.

Catch and Release.

Some time in the 15 years prior to killing my daughter he had been stopped 3 times illegally entering into the US. 3 Times he was permitted to leave on his own and not officially charged with Illegal Entry. Then 4 years prior to Sept 12th 2014 He is stopped in Mesquite TX in 2010 and found to be driving without a license and speeding. Oh, and he was here Illegally. Yet he was never reported to ICE. His tickets turned to warrants because he never showed up in court.

On the night of Sept 12Th 2014 he hit and kills my daughter while she is crossing the street. He is arrested only for 2 outstanding warrants and given a ticket for driving without a license., takes a voluntary Drug and Alcohol test, and his Booked into Rockwall County Jail at 1:00 AM. Some how bailed out and released at 1:36 AM to the street. Never reported to ICE and never charged with her death.

By Oct 2014 he has the truck he was driving when he killed Chrishia in his possession! AFTER it was impounded for the accident Investigation…He is already driving it again.

This is the picture that has emerged. He tried several times knowingly to break US Law to come here to Texas. Busted 3 times and is successful with Illegally entering on the 4th try. Gets busted for driving without a license. So now he obviously knows that’s a crime! Continues to do this crime until he kills a child. Weeks later go back to that same crime. When he is released out on Bail by ICE and ordered to return for deportation. He runs… I can see no other picture other than he doesn’t care or have any form of respect for the US, Rule of Law, or that he has killed someone.

God calls us to forgive one another as he forgives us. I try daily and most times I believe I am successful in my heart to forgive this man. I pray God forgive me during this Lent season because I cannot see any reason to forgive him on this day.

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