Breakfast with House Rep. Dr. Michael Burgess

Just before Breakfast at Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess’ office

Tuesday Jan 29th I went to Washington DC at the invitation of my District Rep for the House of Rep. Washington DC. I was invited to attend the State Of The Union Address. After I had already made travel arrangements and time off from work to attend the Speaker as everyone knows, made history by postponig as a crude political stunt.

Dr. Burgess was graciosos enough to still have receive me at his office and was able to secure a visit to the White House.  The day started out with Breakfast with Dr. Burgess and his Chief of Staff, followed by a behind the scenes tour of the Capital building.

Inadvertantly during the tour I found myself standing in the way of Speaker Pelosi and her security detail. Out of great respect for Dr. Burgess and being his guest at the Capital I chose not to try engaging her and moved out of the way.  I did however tweet her to let her know I was the Gentleman standing in her way and asked her when she plans to respond to my many tweets and actually talk to me.  I’m still waiting on her reply!

After the tour I had the honor of being his guest for lunch at the White House.  Dr. Burgess had an emergency vote he had to attend before lunch so His Chief of Staff James Decker and I proceeded on and waited for him to return to begin lunch. Our Escort at the White House Jeff Freeland Special Assistant to the President and Liaison to the House of Representatives gave Mr. Decker and myself a brief tour of the West Wing. He was able to introduce us to the Deputy Chief of Staff Emma Doyle, for the first time in 4 long years I was able to tell the White House what happened to my baby girl. I was truly impressed by the interest she and Mr. Freeland took in what I had to share and the issues I and way to many other Angle Families are facing and our struggles.

After our meeting Mr. Decker, Mr. Freeland and I went to lunch in the White House Navy Mess while we waited for Dr. Burgess to return. Shortly after siting down he was able to join us and noticed Vice President Pence was having lunch as well. Dr. Burgess was kind enough to introduce us and the Vice President was kind enough to share a few minutes of his time.

Though Madam Speaker had effectively ruined the original trip. Dr. Burgess was able to make it far better than I had expected.

Dr. Burgess, thank you from myself and as my little girl’s voice thank you from Chrishia as well.

The day ended with an unexpected twist. My dear and good friend Sabine Durden was able to take time from her busy day fighting for her beloved and only son Dom who was also killed by an Illegal Alien, was able to get me in contact with Breitbart Reporter Michelle Moons and great staff of  Truly by the grace of God we were able to all meet up before my flight out of town and as a result the first of two articles has been published.

Thanks to the Lord, My Adopted Mom, Sabine Durden and a great Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess Chrishia’s voice has gotten a little louder.


Lastly, I will still be attending the State Of The Union after all!

Maybe Madam Speaker you will make time for me before hand?

2 thoughts on “Breakfast with House Rep. Dr. Michael Burgess

  1. My dear friend, I cannot express the joy we all here feel with what God has blessed you with this last week! Finnaly getting a voice for Chrishia and bringing to light the tragedy our grate country faces with illegal immigration.
    I’m so proud to know you and know your love and pain with your loss all thought it be vicariously through your tear filled eyes. Our prayers and thoughts are with you each and every day! Stay strong my brother!

  2. I am so thankful once again that Michelle Moons gives coverage to Chris..I am His adopted mom who has been on this journey with him as others have as well..Thanking God for all the new friends and contacts that has come into chris’s life…Sad thing is all have lost a child or family member to being killed by illegals who are not suppose to be in the USA and all have criminal backgrounds…So sad!!!! Thank You to Sabine Durden for the contact etc….I pray for you as well…

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