Father’s Day 5 Years after Chrishia’s Death

Every year that has passed after Chrishia’s death Father’s Day has been difficult. I have found myself on a loosing end of an emotional battle to hold back tears and yearning for something I had been used to and very proud of. The feeling of waking up to plans of spending time doing things with Chrishia, going places, laughing, eating and the excitement on her face with the anticipation of me reading a card she hand made or a gift she put time and effort into finding or making. Just so she could show me how much she loved her dad. Read More...

April 2019 CPB Stats on Illegal Aliens apprehended at the Souther Border

CPB Border Statistics for April 2019
Based on this graph that’s roughly 531,721 KNOWN illegal crossings into the US for FY2019. Key words “known!” Look at how many are coming though Texas? Specifically El Paso Sector Laredo Sector and Rio Grand Sector! The part of the graph that is cut off shows FY2018 total 521,090 illegals crossed and were apprehended.

THIS is why last month CPB said, FY2019 was on track to have over 1 million illegals enter into the US.
I’ll say it again…

  • First 6 months of FY2019 531,721 Illegals crossed into the us and apprehended
  • All 12 months FY2018 521,090 Illegals crossed into the us and were apprehended.

Just how many crossed and evaded CPB and didn’t claim asylum? Read More...

A bitter painful truth!

This week I attempted to have Chrishia’s Killer added to a 10 most wanted list for ICE. In doing so I learned a bitter and painful new truth.

The agent at VOICE I was speaking to was listing information she was aware of, and in the process she mentioned something I feel should have been given to me by ICE when I was first contacted by them to be told of the killer’s arrest for his immigration status.

Most often when you hear in the news of an Illegal that had killed someone, they have been deported more than once prior to the incident leading to the death of the person they kill. Read More...

Rally in Austin TX!!!

Please come join us in Austin Texas on May 4th at 10AM, to help us rally and Demand Texas Governor Abbott Take up legislation to help secure the Texas Boarder and Fight the severe crisis in Texas by pushing common sense Legislation like E-Verify state wide, and making hiring, housing, and supporting illegal aliens in Texas a crime!